Can students work on-site internships?

ThoughtStock doesn’t facilitate on-site or long-term internships. But, we can connect you with potential students, and you can reach out by finding their profile and emailing them separately. Please let us know if this is something you’d like us to consider adding as a feature.

One day we’d like to add an instant messaging system for companies and students to communicate but, until we pass our testing stage, we will ask companies and students to reach out to each other via email.

How long should my Micro-Internship posting be?

Test it out. As we are only in a Beta Testing stage, there are plenty of things for us to learn about ThoughtStock.

That being said, we believe that short, singular projects will deem the most responses. Rather than asking for a full marketing plan, just ask for a competitive analysis. Also, make sure you’re very specific as to what you’re asking for. It would be a bummer if students completed the wrong work.

How do I post my completed Micro-Internship work?
Once you have your completed Micro-Internship work, download it as a regular file (.doc, .pdf etc.) and add a response in the Micro-Internship listing. Make sure to write a short yet, definitive summary of your work to intrigue busy professionals and make sure they give you solid feedback.
Why haven’t I gotten any feedback?

Hopefully you’ll get your feedback soon! Make sure you attached your completed Micro-Internship work as a file in your response.

If that all looks right, work on your executive summary that goes along with the completed work. Make sure it’s unique, specific, and will intrigue a busy professional that needs the extra help. The companies on the other side of your computer screen are very busy and a concise summary can be very effective and helpful for them.