Patagonia Event Planning

Project Description

Patagonia wants to reach a new audience while also working towards their goal of changing the relationship people have with the things they buy. Through its “Worn Wear” program, Patagonia pushes people to repair and reuse items rather than buy more. Patagonia is driven by its mission statement - “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” While their mission engages their existing audience, Patagonia needs help connecting to a younger demographic. Let’s say you are a marketing manager at Patagonia. How would you build a physical event to bring Patagonia’s philosophy to life and deliver it to potential customers? 1. Clearly define your goals, target users, marketing strategy, and KPI’s. 2. Describe and explain the purpose your event. * Provide at least one example of a physical promotion (e.g. poster, coupon, gift) 3. Discuss tradeoffs, risks, and metrics for success. Are there times when your event is highly attended but your campaign wouldn’t be a success? NOTE: *We know you'll probably need to make a lot of assumptions in order to give a quality answer, so just state those assumptions clearly up front. PDF is preferred*


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