Grainger SEO Optimization

Project Description

As the college recruitment cycle is getting more and more competitive, universities have seen an uptick in the need for competitive advantages against other universities. As many universities like Indiana University and the University of Michigan often recruit direct admits into their business school, UW-Madison has decided to encourage direct admission to its business school as well. In doing so, the Grainger School of Business has seen the need to increase its website’s organic web traffic []. Let’s say you're a marketing manager at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. How would you redesign the UW - Madison School of Business’s website to increase traffic? 1. Clearly define your goals, target audience, marketing strategy, and KPI’s. 2. Explain how you will optimize organic/paid search results for the site. * Provide examples in the form of web design (wireframes), keyword analysis, or other forms you find relevant. 3. Discuss tradeoffs, risks, and metrics for success. Are there times when the website is visited often but the redesign wouldn’t be considered a success? NOTE: *We know you'll probably need to make a lot of assumptions in order to give a quality answer, so just state those assumptions clearly up front. PDF is preferred*


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