2K Games Social Media Marketing

Project Description

2K is planning to launch a brand new first-person shooter franchise, Battleborn [https://battleborn.com/en/]. They plan to launch with a low-budget, digital-first, multi-media creative campaign focused on exciting the audience both in terms of what they could do with the game, but also what the game could do for them. With an abundance of first-person shooter games, Battleborn is at risk of getting lost in the crowd. Let’s say you are a marketing manager at 2K. How would you use social media to make people care about Battleborn, a new title they’ve never heard of? 1. Clearly define your goals, target users, marketing strategy, and KPI’s. 2. Describe your social media campaign and it’s implementation process. * Provide mock ups for a social media campaign (whichever medium you decide). 3. Discuss tradeoffs, risks, and metrics for success. Are there times when your KPI’s would be high but your campaign wouldn’t be a success? NOTE: *We know you'll probably need to make a lot of assumptions in order to give a quality answer, so just state those assumptions clearly up front. PDF is preferred*


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